Asset-Based Lending, Traditional Factoring & Invoice Financing

Invoice Factoring

Traditional factoring gives businesses the opportunity to borrow against their outstanding invoices. Factoring also allows companies to outsource credit and collection functions, and provides a built-in revolving line of credit. Factoring is a complete financial solution that combines credit management, working capital financing, credit protection, accounts receivable bookkeeping, and collection services.

Transaction Size

Traditional factoring revolving lines of credit typically range from $2 million to $20 million.


Most companies qualifying for a First Capital traditional will be B2Bs (business-to-business) in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution or business services generating commercial accounts receivable invoices. In most cases, annual sales range between $10 million and $250 million.


Additional Factoring Programs

1. Receivables Management Program

First Capital can provide Receivable Management services and Credit Protection. Collateral is protected against bad debt risks and accounts receivable turnover improves allowing banks to lend with confidence. Click here to learn more

2. Receivables Asset Monetization Program

Monetization of Accounts Receivable to "RAMP"up liquidity using off-balance sheet structures.  Assets are converted to cash without adding debt to the balance sheet allowing for strategic balance sheet management and improvement in liquidity. Click here to learn more


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